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"Story of Peoples Bank Since 1864"
Georg R. Sheets
"History of York County PA From the Earliest Time to the Present"
John Gibsons 1886
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York and Adams County Civil War Vets
Harry Senft
Cemetery Pictures
Pictures and data from cemeteries found mainly in York and Adams Counties.
"History of York County PA"
Volume I  Volume ii
George R. Prowell 1907
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Historic Preservation
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These are York County history blogs
with a Christian twist. They were written by Charles Stambaugh of NeyChip.

The below books are no longer available for sale.
Love Your Enemies

This is about the history of the 1969 riots in York.
Two Forgotten Signers’ Died, With One Buried Twice
This is about two Declaration of Independence singers that died in York.
Willing to Surrender

This is about the history of York's surrender to the Confederates.
Made in Mexico

This is about the history of York Peppermint Pattie.
Seven Gates of Hell
This is about the history of York's Seven Gates of Hell.
In Everything Give Thanks

This is about the history of the Nation's first Thanksgiving.
Please Put Baby Jesus Back

This about the story of York's missing
baby Jesus.
This is about the Lafayette at York.

Endorsement That Saved and Created a New US.
York County Rootsweb

National Register
PA State Register
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History at Home:
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York County
Vintage Post Cards
Historic Photos
York County
Excerpts from 1999 book by Jim MCClure
Historic Map Works
US Generations
Web Archie
York County
Northern York County
Historical and Preservation Society
Retro York
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Free Pages Genealogy York County
Outhouses of
York County

by Charles
A History of Mount Wolf
The Centennial Edition

2010 Spectrum Printing
By: Bradley Rentzel
Great on-line book about early York County settlers.
The Family Hart Online Genealogy Database
"Continental Congress
at York and York County in the Revolution"

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