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    NeyChip would like to invite anyone who is interested in this area's history or has local history information. Click here for more information. We are an independent, volunteer, self-supported, self-governed organization with a vision to preserve the past for future generations to enjoy. We meet the 4th Monday at 7PM, during months March thru October (except holidays), at 345 Chestnut Street Mt Wolf or listed location. One of our meetings was in the York Daily Record.
North Eastern York County History In Preservation                          NeyChip
     North Eastern York County History In Preservation or NeyChip was created in January 2016 to research, document and preserve the history of the area that encompasses Northeastern York County. With the Manchester Township Historical Society as a mentor, NeyChip  was started by Charles Stambaugh. Read the story on this creation and vision. The website started with material from the successful Mount Wolf Centennial celebration and then it kept growing. and growing.
Mount Wolf Civil War Vets.
They made a great sacrifice for us. But shamefully, we have forgotten some of them.
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"Without preservation of local snapshots,
stories, events, art, sports, buildings, our
memories, our enjoyments, and our actions
along with the things we made and used, the
very neighborhood where we lived will soon
forget who we were, what we did,
what we believed in, and what our cultural was
but worst of all, if we ever existed."

Charles Stambaugh 2014
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       NeyChip's Priority of Preservation
Who did what, when and why.
Collect and post old photographs.
List past churches, schools,
............businesses, and more.
Record events, progress and change.
What was produced in the area.
What did people have and use.
          Document existing old building.
We believe that the internet is the most efficient, effective, and effortless way to preserve and share the past with the future. 
"Share your history, before it becomes the forgotten past."
We can bring our live historical presentations to your organization.
NeyChip would love
to hear from you.
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